Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Casual Jacket

Hi all! Sorry for the long disappearance! The non-virtual world caught up with me and life was abit on a roller-coaster over the past month!

Anywayz, we're back on track and we have lovely items! Our Yardstick Sale have since ended on 14 July 2009, however, our "Pick Of The Week" and collaboration with YSK will still be going on... So stay tuned, ya!

So, now... lets see what we have for all darlings out there, shall we?! *Drum rolls!*

A long comfy casual what we always had previously, this top is suitable for work AND for play!

White (sold)



Dark Brown

Yellow Oche
Pink (sold)

- Full Length View -
*Inner tube/accessories not inclusive

Price: RM29/piece
Colours: 6 colours - Pink, White, Yellow Ochre, Grey, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown
Material: Cotton
Measurements: Free Size (Suitable for Size S, M and smaller L)
Shoulder: 36cm; Sleeve opening: 16cm; Chest: 45cm; Waist: 35cm, Lenght: 75cm


Matching Denim leggings
Colour: Grey / Blue
Material: Cotton
Size: Free size (Fits S - L)
Price: RM18/piece

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