Sunday, June 14, 2009

We're a month old! *grin

We're ONE month old!!! *jumps around with joy!* Many people believe that the number FOUR is an unlucky number. I certainly disagree to that. Reason being? I started off with my partner on the 14th... my daughter was born on the 4th... and this blogshop was born on the 14th as well :)

So to all darlings out there, to celebrate the fact that we were able to "survive" the one-month mark, we're having storewide sales!!!

All tops/dresses posted before 14 June 2009 shall be given 10% while accessories (clincher & necklaces) will have 20% discount!! To spice things up, you'd be entitled to a free gift and free postage should you purchase 2 items and above (accessories included) !!

The ultimate bargain will only last for ONE month! SO HURRY PEEPS!
Happy Shopping! ;)


p/s: Not applicable to promo / Pick-of-the-Week items

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